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Health Benefits of Spirituality
(source: UMM.edu)

Several studies indicate people with strong religious and spiritual beliefs...
• Heal faster from surgery
• Are less anxious and depressed
• Have lower blood pressure
• Cope better with chronic illnesses such as
 - Arthritis
 - Diabetes
 - Heart disease
 - Cancer
 - Spinal cord injury

Faith-Based Groups in the City of Winchester

Baha'i Faith Youth Group

Works together with neighborhood youth regarding spiritual empowerment, community building, and fostering ethical life choices. Also organizes recreational activities to complement these themes P.O. Box 4344
Winchester 22604


Shenandoah Valley Coalition for Christ

A dedicated network of churches, non-profit organizations and businesses who are united by our faith in Jesus Christ and have joined together to use our God given gifts, talents and resources to make a positive impact in our communities.. P.O. Box 304
Edinburg, VA 22824
(540) 335-3939