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Did you Know? (source: WebMD.com and NACCRRA.org)

• Research shows that children who were in high-quality child care did better academically and cognitively at age 15, compared to other children. They were also found to have fewer “acting out” problems as teens.

• Children who spend their time in enrichment activities like After-School Programs have better grades, better work habits, and more positive relationships with their peers.

• A survey of California 12-17 year-olds reported that kids left unattended for 3 or more days a week were twice as likely to hang out with gangs and more than three times more likely to use illegal drugs.

After-School Programs and Child Care in Page County

Charterhouse School

An affiliate program of United Methodist Family Services that offers services to middle and high school students between the ages of 11 and 22 with autism, emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and other health impairments 508 Piccadilly Street
Edinburg, VA 22824
(855) 669-5326
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Selah Theatre Project

Dedicated to bringing theater productions and affordable classes that encourage community members to embrace the dramatic arts as an adventure of daily living. Services include summer camps, private lessons, teacher/staff trainings, and therapeutic drama groups. 23 S. Royal Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630
(540) 686-5185
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