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Take your mental health seriously (source: www.teenscreen.org)

• 11%  of children and adolescents aged 10-19 are estimated to suffer from a serious disorder that causes significant functional impairment in their day-to-day lives at home, in school and with peers

• Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 11 to 21 year-olds

• Among adolescents 12-17 years old in Virginia:
 - 9% suffered an episode of major depression
 - 4% experienced illicit drug dependence or abuse
 - 5% experienced alcohol dependence or abuse


If you think you are suffering from depression, or drug or alcohol dependence, contact a mental health services provider in your area.

Strengthen mental wellbeing in young people.
(Source: www.healthyalberta.com)

• Eat Healthy
• Connect to people
• Interact with your neighbors
• Get involved in a sports, school activities or faith-based youth groups
• Do something nice for others
• Reduce Stress through:
 - Deep breathing
 - Stretching
 - Exercising
 - Meditation
 - Writing in a journal
 - Talking to others about your stress


Mental Health Support in Page County

Blue Ridge Educational Center

Educates students with disabilities, ages 12-22, in a small classroom environment. Offers highly individualized instruction. Also available is after-school tutoring for students in the community. Therapeutic day treatment staff are on-site. 606 Massanutten Ave.
P.O. Box 1820
Front Royal, VA 22630
(540) 631-9503
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Charterhouse School

An affiliate program of United Methodist Family Services that offers services to middle and high school students between the ages of 11 and 22 with autism, emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and other health impairments 508 Piccadilly Street
Edinburg, VA 22824
(855) 669-5326
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Psychiatric residential treatment facility located in Culpeper County, VA on 270 acres and serving boys and girls ages 5-14. Treats children with emotional and behavioral issues and those who have experienced abuse and/or neglect. 23164 Dragoon Road
Lignum, VA 22726
(540) 39901926
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Concern Hotline, Inc.

Comforts and calms community members in stress or crisis by providing compassionate listening, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and comprehensive information and referral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a telephone hotline. 301 N. Cameron Street
Suite 201
Winchester, VA 22601
Office: (540) 536-1630
Hotline: (540) 743-3733
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Crossroads Counseling Center, Inc.

Through qualified clinical staff, and an effective counseling program, helps client's challenge emotional, social and behavioral needs successfully. Teaches adaptive behaviors, strengthens family ties and successfully reunites children with families with the aim of helping clients experience a more succissful and fulfilled life 221 W. Main Street
Luray, VA 22835
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Dawn C. Welch, LCSW, Llc. 

Services include crisis intervention and work with children of divorce, loss of a parent, anxiety, and school concerns. Also offers counseling to those with ADHD, ADD, ODD, OCD and Aspergers 5364 Main Street
Stephen's City, VA 22655
(540) 868-9400
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Family Preservation Services

Provides community-based counseling services to children at-risk for out of home or out of school placement. Counseling services include intensive in-home, therapeutic day treatment, behavioral treatment for children with autism or intellectual disabilites and virtual residential. 114  S. Cameron Street
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 535-0043
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Fresh Start

A short term assessment and diagnostic program, serving youth ages 11-17 years old. Determines the individual emotional, clinical and environmental needs of both residents and their families. Provides a plan for successfully transitioning the youth back into the community. Boys home located in Glen Allen and girls home located in Chesterfield Main Office:
5511 Staples Mill Road
Suite 102
Richmond, VA 23228
(804) 612-4412
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Lutheran Family Services of Virginia

Offers a variety of programs including therapeutic day treatment, behavioral therapy services (ABA), intensive in-home services, home-based counseling, Essential Pieces Autism Program, adoption services, therapeutic foster care services and parenting groups. (Medicaid, FAPT and private pay is accepted.) 225 E. Pall Mall Street
Winchester, VA 22601

(540) 450-2782
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Matthew's Center

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and families affected by autism through the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Offers the following services including ABA with Family, Parent and Caregiver Training, Specialized Student Support, Consult Services, and Social Group Training. 312 Neff Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

(540) 433-43773
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Newport News Behaviorial Health Center

A secure residential treatment facility for males and females ages 11-18. Provides evidence-based treatment modalities to serve clinical, behavioral and educational needs. Trauma, substance abuse, sexually offending/aggressive behaviors and comprehensive assessment  and diagnostic services provided. 17579 Warwick Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23603
(757) 888-0400
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Northwestern Community Services

Offers Services to enhance quality of life for children and adults affected by emotional/behavioral disorders, mental illness, substance use, and intellectual disabilities. Also provides the community with various substance abuse and suicide prevention services. 23 W. Main Street
Luray, VA 22835
(540) 743-4548
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Page County Counseling, PLC

Offers professional counseling and therapy services to children, adolescents, families and individuals in need of counseling services for substance abuse, mental health, and co-occuring disorders, as well as life stresses.  127 E. Main Street
Luray, VA 22835
(540) 843-0505
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The Stress Reduction Spot

Provides stress, loss and trauma reduction services. Services are client centered and plans are based on individual needs.
2400 Valley Ave.Suite 6
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 737-8078
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Skyline Cap Inc. Head Start

Provides comprehensive preschool services to at-risk children. Serves children on an income basis and accepts children with disabilities.  532 S. Main Street
Madison, VA 22727
(540) 727-3916
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